Signs to look for:

  • Uneven or Sloping Floors
  • Cracks in Exterior Brick
  • Displaced or Cracked Moldings
  • Cracks or Bowing in Walls
  • Door or Windows not opening or closing properly
  • Cracks in Floors
  • Separation of Doors, Windows or Garage Doors

What are some of the causes of foundation problems?

  • Inferior foundation construction
  • Plumbing or other leaks
  • Roots pushing in on the foundation
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Poor soil quality along with excessive drought or rain conditions

Are certain times of the year better than others to fix foundation problems?

The best time to fix a foundation problem is as soon as you find it. If left for a time, a foundation problem will probably get worse, which means more time and more money for repair. You might also see the damage move from the exterior, into the interior of your home.