Slab Foundations

We use a concrete pier system to repair slab foundations. We’ll use a auger attachment on a skidsteer and drill down to a undisturbed soil. Then we fill the pier up with concrete a few inches below the footing. Lastly, we jack up the house and block it off with concrete blocks and steel shims. Slab work comes with a lifetime transferable warranty!

Conventional Foundations

No matter what’s going on we can get you taken care of. From completely gutting the room down to the joists and subfloor and replacing it all or simply adding a few beams and pillars where needed we can do it.

Moisture Barriers

A moisture barrier is a MUST on conventional foundations. It’ll protect your subfloor and floor joists from rotting and getting mold. We use a 10mil Poly plastic and install dehumidifiers under your house to keep it as dry as possible. We cut and wrap around all existing pillars and foam your vents. A moisture barrier can reduce your heating and cooling costs, keep unwanted rodents and insects out from under your house, improve air quality in your home, and turn your crawlspace into a place you can safely store things!

Some of our work: